Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Is Busy, Life Is Good

This is a canvas I made for a mom of a four year old boy named Nolan. She recently had bought one of my frames from a local shop here in town and contacted me about making an original, fun piece of wall art for her son's new big boy surfer themed bedroom. I love how it turned out!

A surprise for another customer who just happens to be a friend and one of my son's teachers. She had placed an order with me and I thought since her birthday is coming up and she likes to decorate her house for all holidays, that she definately needed a birthday themed photo/memo clip. Now she can use it for all the birthdays in her household.

A sophisticated monkey frame for a girl. That was an original request, but I managed to pull it off. It was so fun and I totally love the monkey!!

It's so in my heart and head to blog more often. However, I'm at the mercy of my darn computer that decides when it wants to work. Currently we are borrowing one that doesn't have a card reader and I have to arrange time wth my dear sis in law to use her's.

So, for now I will show you what I've been working on in between the boys' basketball awards ceremony, taking care of my house, recovering from surgery, making puppets for a class project and all the other fun and sometimes mundane things in my life. I'm so thankful to have a creative outlet. My hubbie is very supportive and our boys love to come in my studio and hang out doing art projects while I work. Life is good!

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Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Hi Sweetie! Love the new background and all the stuff you are making.

Miss you!